We’re excited to announce that Hamburg Records’ Merchandising department will now be handling a large portion of Blitzkid’s posthumous merchandise releases . Merchandise will include but not be limited to Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Stickers, Buttons and more!  Visit our new store at

and check out all of the new items available.  New shirt designs, new hoodie designs, and much more.






“DER VAMPIR” Soft Vinyl Doll produced by BLITZKID.

This moribund masterpiece is 9 inches tall and was sculpted by Erik Von Gorr.

1st edition “DER VAMPIR” is limited to ONLY 100 dolls.  MADE IN JAPAN.

Preorder sales of this macabre menace will run form March 18th, 2013 – April 30th, 2013 online at

Orders placed by April 30th will include the following:

“DER VAMPIR” 9 inch Soft Vinyl Doll produced on unpainted high grade GLOW IN THE DARK Japanese vinyl packaged up in spooktacular black coffin boxes with several other mystery items!

Pricetag: $69.99

Please note: This does NOT include shipping costs.

After “DER VAMPIR” is out of your nightmares and in our hands you will be invoiced for aactual  shipping.

When you preorder, you will receive a hand numbered certificate featuring the unique number on each doll signed by Argyle Goolsby – with an authentic certified seal by A CORPSE WITH NO NAME PRODUCTIONS.

“DER VAMPIR” will ship in time for Hallowe’en 2013.

Orders will be shipped in the order that they are received so don’t wait for the sun to set….

IF you dare to invite “DER VAMPIR” into your humble abode!!!!!!!!!!

All rights reserved. A Corpse With No Name Productions. 2013.


As we make our return home from our farewell tour we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was key and instrumental in it’s success.  Thanks to Tom at Weird World Booking, Dan at the Pantheon Agency, Chris Schaeffer, Stefan Loerchner, Marko Stockheim, Barb Dunkelmann,  JV Bastard, Andrew Stripes Winter, Jeff Frumess at Video Business Media, Stephen Nacy, Nomads of Prague, Willy B’s Tees, Ghouls Night Out Fest, Lufthansa Airlines for having awesome in flight programming, all of the clubs, promoters, and venues that accommodated us, our friends, families for their patience and support, and most of all the fans for making it a memorable event for all of us here in Blitzkid from day one to this our final moment.  It’s with a heavy emotion that we say goodnight, but with a light heart in which we deliver it unto you. These have been some of the best days of our lives that we close a chapter on and have nothing but positive feelings for even having been given them to begin with.  All we ask is that you will remember us, pass us on, and continue to validate our years by playing us loud over whatever mood you may find yourself in each day.  We’ve been Blitzkid,  and now you are though you always have been whether you knew it to be so or not.   Thank you, good night, and LONG LIVE THE HORROR!



Argyle Goolsby

Blitzkid at Relax – Moscow, Russia

Blitzkid at Relax, in Moscow Russia.

Five Cellars Below 12″ LP

On the upcoming European tour for the fist time available on vinyl……. a VERY LIMITED pressing of FIVE CELLARS BELOW !on the merchandise table!! Transparent Blood Red Vinyl 12″ LP.

Five Cellars Below 12" LP


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